Pick The Best Fruit Attractions
Pick The Best Fruit Attractions

Pick The Best Fruit Attractions

Pick The Best Fruit Attractions

Pick The Best Fruit Attractions - Travelling is not just merely a matter of a walk in the beach or mountain climbing. In Indonesia, the fruit also can be used as an alternative place to vacation. In addition to offering beautiful scenery, visitors can go home with a full stomach because it freed up fruit picking.

There are several locations in the country whose orchards as the main concept. In a location with panoramic views of the natural tourist draws, pick the fruit also can at once be the arena of play and learning. Without many words again, following TravelingYuk list serve seven tours pick fruit that exists throughout Indonesia.

1. Pick your Strawberries in Bedugul
One of processed strawberries at the Bedugul via Instagram Solod_elena
Bedugul is known as one of the areas with cold in Bali. If it happens to be venturing into the hills of Melingkuh, Baturiti Village, you will find tours pick strawberries in Bali Outbound and Farmstay. In addition to picking strawberries, visitors will also be given the opportunity of trying various culinary made from strawberries, like jams and Rojak. Beautiful views you can also enjoy in the garden of two acres.

2. Pick Apples in the stone
Typical Apple Cubes have a distinctive taste via Instagram Doremicode
There are several locations: Apple's famous stone. Two of which exist in the area of plantations were prosperous farmers group Timeless (KTMA) and in complex Kusuma agro tourism. For those who are looking for more variation, it is advisable to glide to Kusuma agro tourism. In the resort which offers a full range of facilities, you will also have the opportunity to directly reap the citrus fruits, vegetables, and Syzygium samarangense.

3. Pick Oranges in Kintamani
Direct quotation of citrus fruits in Kintamani via Instagram Gofruit.id
One of the best commodities from Kintamani is the citrus fruit. Even Citrus Kintamani to exported to Java, because it is said could last a week more without the use of preservatives. If curious, just came to feel the sensation. Its location near Lake Batur, so no need to worry about will quickly get bored if visiting here.

4. Pick the fruit in Banyuwangi
If by chance came to Banyuwangi, come to the village of Sambirejo. Here you will find tours pick fruits that offer different sensations than other pick fruit in General. Dragon fruit so one of the mainstay commodity Banyuwangi, via Instagram rzm_media. Banyuwangi alone is known as one of the largest producers of fruit in Indonesia. While the village of Sambirejo, which is located 30 kilometres from the city centre, has a dragon fruit plantation so wide to many people as a village called Dragon fruit.

5. Pick your Strawberries in the Ciwidey
Picking Strawberries in the middle of the beautiful views of Ciwidey via Instagram azizah_inst
Bandung citizens also have tours pick fruit that is not less interesting. Precisely in the area of Ciwidey village, where visitors are given the opportunity to direct a strawberry plucked from the tree and eat it on the spot. Find tours pick strawberries in Ciwidey village is also not difficult. Stay down There along the road or sand Patenggang Guava, you will find many estates that offer package tours.

6. Pick Dates Pasuruan
Try performing a different Quotation, Tour Dates in Pasuruan tried offering experiential pick fruit that is truly unique. How not, visitors here could direct fruit picking and eating dates, which is actually a typical fruit of the desert region.

One corner of Kebon Dates Pasuruan, via Instagram Nii. nia
Not only that, the visitors were also allowed to keep the fruit dates they pick and took it as a birthday gift. The recently opened tourist attractions at the beginning of 2017 also had another uniqueness, namely the existence of a wreck of a Boeing 737 in the middle of the garden.

7. Pick your Fruit Garden Mekarsari
Mangosteen fruit picking Fruit in the garden of Mekarsari via Instagram Mekarsari_fruitgarden
Children's Fruit agro tourism is Mekarsari located in Bogor. With an area of approximately 264 acres, visitors will be invited to get to know more about the various fruit and richness of flora from across Indonesia in this place. In addition to learning a matter of nurseries and planting a variety of fruit, the visitors can also release Mekarsari tired in the recreation area of the Lake. Here you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of look around with a dragon boat or Water Bikes.

That's Pick The Best Fruit Attractions. Thank you.
Pick The Best Fruit Attractions

Pick The Best Fruit Attractions

Pick The Best Fruit Attractions
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