7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado
7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado

7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado

7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado

7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado - The city of Manado in North Sulawesi. The city has a natural beauty that is so popular in Indonesia. As one of the province that is located close to the Countries of the Philippines and the Pacific Ocean. Many tourists who visit this place for various things. Including such a vast culinary world was created here.

Places of historical importance and is also located here. The location is adjacent to the town of Tomohon and Tondano so it can be seen from the top floor of a building. Each of the residents here have customs and traditions that are condensed to grasp. Here are a few interesting things that exist in the city of Manado. This is 7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado:

1. Regional language
Indonesia is known for its cultural diversity, owned in each area. Of course this is very favourable for the different communities of understanding to complement each other. We can learn to preserve culture by studying the culture and keep the moral side nor the etiquette of good for the country itself in the eyes of the world.

As one of the municipalities in North Sulawesi, Manado has a distinctiveness in language. Manado Malay loanwords have from Portuguese. In ancient times, the Portuguese were in conquered the area for Tondano and got acceptance of the culture of the community. Manado Malay also has similarities with Languages of Maluku as well as other areas in eastern Indonesia.

2. Alarm area
The city's motto Si Tou Timou is Manado Tumou Tou which means a way of life of a human being who must comply with the rules and good behaviour. If the community motto probe ratulangi Torang These Basudara which means the same as Bhinneka Tunggal Ika belonging to our country. It can be seen from Manado residents greet each other if cross paths and familiar with each other.

If we stay there and have a lot of neighbors, then they would chat with us and each other to socialize for a closer relationship to the better. Then taste as social animals will be more vivid and there is no attitude of individualism.

3. Women looking beautiful
Indonesia is not less beautiful women with women overseas. It can be seen from the acculturation of a foreign race mixing with the natives in Indonesia. Women in the area was there a wedding with count Netherlands which genes caused the descendants of faceless paras and grow more and more.

Maybe that's the only why the area is competing with the city of Bandung and the beauty in the Affairs of the brides. The men will probably be very amazed and want to find a woman from the area.

4. Special food
Typical food of Manado is famous for its spiciness and odd variations to try. As with any food, paniki comes off the bat and burnt or fried. Then there are also smoked tuna or fufu that is mandatory for those Students. They really like once with food, and so one of the staple food for the people there.

5. The island of Bunaken
Bunaken Island became one of the Prima Donna who owned Indonesia. Many tourists visiting the island. Not because of the beauty and diversity of marine life that is delicious to be seen. If we want to go to the island then it should be crossed first by ship while looking down through the transparent glass to look at the charms of the sea.

6. luxury lifestyle
The city's lifestyle is very different from other areas. If we are to the mall in the city, then it would seem some strange sightings. Grandpa or Grandma look fashionable, they wear jewelry to the young man's shirt that looks fashionable to be seen. Prestige on the elderly people are certainly very high and not good to follow entirely.

So also with the young people here. They look more gaul and very easy to socialize. They do not hesitate to invite acquaintances and strangers who cross paths directly. In contrast to in Jakarta that are still timid if acquainted with new people.

7. the trendy city Transport
The city transport in each country must have the characteristic of each. In Indonesia, the transport of the city's most plentiful are the mikrolet. Each area on the island of Java to Sulawesi, there is definitely a mikrolet. In Manado, mikrolet are different from Jakarta for example. A seating position that is in some lines being in mikrolet and as private cars in General. While in Jakarta, car seat attaches or is on the edge.

Another thing that ought to be seen is the atmosphere of mikrolet that looks very trendy. The driver usually put up a music player in it and some of the lamps to be the style of the present. The music contained in the assortment of mikrolet also folk songs to foreign countries. Rates offered this mikrolet also depends on distance with the long route, not like in the city of Jakarta.

That's about 7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado. Thank you.
7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado

7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado

7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado
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