5 Tour Hits On Top of Bogor
5 Tour Hits On Top of Bogor

5 Tour Hits On Top of Bogor

5 Tour Hits on top of Bogor

5 Tour Hits on top of Bogor - When the weekend arrives, the Summit became one of sights of Prima Donna it family for a vacation. There are many tourist attractions-top hits, one of which is the Sun.

Sun Garden attractions often become the target of tourists invites families on vacation. In addition to having the cool air, the solar Park has a variety of exciting arena-friendly with children.

The Summit is indeed often become favorites for the tour. Because, the Summit has the cool nature, green trees and beautiful environment. This has always been an attraction. Interested want to vacation at the Summit for this weekend?

In addition to the Children of the Sun, the following are some interesting destinations on the Summit to visit, such as summarized iNews.id, Saturday (10/3/2018).

Sun Park
Want to go to a place that was more cool, Garden Tour of the Sun being one spot of choice for vacation. One of the attractions of this popular tourist and has become a favorite, especially for the citizens of the capital city of Jakarta. The park with an area of about 30 hectares of this, give the scenery of the beautiful pegununangan and cool air. You and your family can recreation while learning.

Here, there is a complete games and rides for the kids. Starting from a challenging thing to cheer for adrenaline, fun-appeal with the family. Inside the Park, you can see the mountains and greenery. To see more challenging spot, try to climb the flying fox. From above, you can see more clearly the vast lake.

Curug Length
Curug is long in the village of Megamendung, Bogor. Located on the slopes of Mount Assembly Hall, Curug Long has an altitude of 1,000 mdpl with an area of 30 hectares. These sights offer the beauty of the river Cirangrang. This is the river that forms four waterfalls in the area, ranging from the top position, i.e. the Curug Blao, Curug long, Curug Bunder, and Curug Barong. Curug Long used as the name of the location, as the place is close to the entrance gate. As the name implies, its shape is not vertically like a waterfall, but generally form a slanted slope along 20 metres. Water discharge is also quite heavy.

Garden Mountain Riung
If you get bored with the routine work of the Office. There is no harm, long weekend this time, pay a visit to Mountain Riung Garden. Here, you can make a tour viewing the vast tea estates. Some of the facilities that existed here, will make the visitors or tourists taste lingering. Tea plantation area is very spacious and the air is very cool. Visitors can also stroll riung Mountains surround the tea plantation with tracking on line teawalk. You will be invited to pass through the tea plantations.

Telaga Warna Lake
Telaga Warna in Bogor is a natural tourist attraction located in the Pass Cisarua Bogor. Each weekend, Telaga Warna became the Prima Donna for tourists. The Lake is famous for the beauty of its charm. Telaga Warna also has a stretch of wide stretches of tea gardens. One of the uniqueness of the Lake water is a Telaga Warna can vary in color. Some of the results of the research been done, there are seven water colors in this place. The reflection of different colors the trees around the Lake, became one of the causative factors for discoloration.

Curug Batulayang Twin
Curug twins became one of the favorite tourist attractions. The water is crystal clear highly preferred tourists visiting. Because the atmosphere is quiet, Curug Twins Batulayang be the most desirable visitors. Curug twins have appeal because the number is five. It is located adjacent and also not too far from the location of the falls with each other.

That's 5 Tour Hits on top of Bogor. Thank you.
5 Tour Hits On Top of Bogor

5 Tour Hits On Top of Bogor

5 Tour Hits on top of Bogor
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